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Hernan Cartier, is a traditional photojournalistic photographer with 27 years of solid experience in the international photographic industry. Weddings and high fashion, European style and beauty photography, specialising in a wide range of people photography, including photojournalism, magazines and advertising campaigns. All this is backed up with the highest-quality, innovative graphic design.

He has been successfully building LePortrait Studio’s reputation for excellence over two generations, transferring his traditional skills of film photography into the digital age when it began, to take advantage of the new creative opportunities. Photography is now linked to state-of-the-art digital technologies as well as stunning graphic design.

Whether it is wedding photography for publications or detailed commercial work and much more, the transformation of real life through the lens to final image is an art in itself.

001Versatility, imagination and art combined with an exceptional background as an experimented photojournalist and skills mean his work will exceed your expectations.

Hernan creates images that transcend the sum of their elements. His natural eye composition, artistic ability to catch emotions, and command of light has led his work to be described as “aggressive, yet sensual” and “captivating”. Hernan caters to clients who demand creativity and striking images to set them apart.

The Perfect Wedding Experience

The Hernan Cartier’s images bring couples an emotional understanding of their passions they never had before. The message in his images is about a love that endures, is loyal and true, and is full of passion.

 “So many brides from every walk of life have told me that my images exactly capture their personal feeling towards the groom. I’m simply a photographer who takes images with love, for love and lovers of all faces, races, creeds and beliefs”.

Hernan Cartier



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